Mission and Values

This Constitution has proudly hung in our boardroom for many years. It says:Camarda Constitution

“Our reason for being…is to be the best at delivering objective, professional/academic-grade…investment advice and integrated wealth management advice… designed to serve the needs, goals and financial security of our clients.

We exist, in a nutshell, to help make the dreams of our clients and their families come true.

In this, our clients and their interests come indisputably first.

We exist solely to serve them in an expert, conscientious, unfailingly ethical manner, which targets the results they want and need.

It is not enough to do what is expected or required; we are called to do what is right, and what needs to be done.”

Our mission and values are expressed by Camarda Wealth’s company Constitution, which defines three priorities:

  1. Clients Come First
    There is nothing more important than putting our clients’ interests first, and acting with diligence and expertise to serve their goals.
  1. Client Service Staff Second
    Keeping the people happy that take care of our clients’ happiness produces a higher quality result for you.
  1. Firm Profits Last
    We believe that putting clients first is good business. In the end, we believe we make money by putting clients first.

Camarda Wealth goes beyond just helping clients and the staff that care for them.  It is also passionate about supporting local charities.  Learn how we help our community.

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