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Why You NEED a 3(38) Fiduciary

Business Owners – Why You NEED a 3(38) Fiduciary

401(k) plans have become so commonplace that not having one at work is a red flag. Business owners typically set them up to attract and take care of employees, and also to develop a way to save themselves taxes. But most people don’t know that such plans carry tremendous risks for business owners.

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Protect Yourself Now in Case Taxes Go Way Up

How to Protect Yourself Now in Case Taxes Go Way Up

Regardless of who rules Washington in the early 2020s, one thing is certain; deficits, Social Security, and Medicare costs will go to unsustainable levels in a few short years now, and the money will have to come from somewhere. The best bet is higher taxes.

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Where the Election is Driving the Market

However noble the quest to reset the US/China trading relationship – and there is no question that the Chinese have been snookering the world, taking advantage, cheating, and worse for decades now – some fear Mr. Trump may have overplayed his hand.

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Why Foreign Stocks Look Good

Besides the risk-reducing benefits of diversification, the odds may be very good that big profits may be in the cards for non-US stocks in the years ahead.

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Stock Market Fundamentals

Often the most predictable trading strategy can be a “buy it right” approach similar to that used by those who’ve found riches by investing in real estate, buying property on the cheap, and collecting rent until the market got hot.

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Income Ideas For Retirement Portfolios

Finding decent retirement income these days can be a real chore. Interest rates are down, Social Security’s on the ropes, and medical and other retirement costs are going up much faster than regular inflation.

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