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Welcome to TaxMaster! 

Jeff is super-focused on saving clients’ tax. By leveraging Doug’s considerable skills, he expects we will take TaxMaster up to a whole new level, providing tax prep, booking, accounting, and CFO services to all clients who want to see “the Camarda difference” in their tax returns and accounting quality.

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pros and cons of 401k rollovers

The Pros and Cons of 401k Rollovers

When people change jobs or retire, one of the biggest challenges is deciding if it’s smart to rollover at 401(k)-type plan to an IRA. The process is fast and easy. Making the best choice can be very complex.

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sell “losers” and “winners” during the same year

Tax-Loss Harvesting And The Dry-Cleaned Wash Sale

The basic premise, of course, is to sell “losers” and “winners” during the same year, working it out to no net gain. When I say winners or losers, I refer exclusivity to whether there is a tax gain or loss, not to investment merits.

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JP Hall Children’s Charities Event December 11th & 12th

Once again, this year Camarda Cares has the pleasure of bringing to your attention opportunities to help a wonderful local charitable organization that has served underprivileged families across Clay County for the last 22 years. J.P. Hall Children’s Charities has awarded over $460,000 in scholarships to deserving Clay County students and just last year alone

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managing 401(k)s in existing plans that can’t yet be rolled over

At Last! Camarda Can Now Manage Your 401(k) at Work!

Camarda is pleased to announce that we will begin managing 401(k)s for clients in existing plans that can’t yet be rolled over. Not only can this save you time and professionally clarify your investment options, but  may also lead to better returns, and a more secure retirement for you and your family.

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Ken Fisher’s Legacy

Without a fully-enabled Ken, one might contrast the trajectory of Fisher Investments to a Berkshire Hathaway without Warren Buffett. In many ways, Berkshire has methodically prepared for inevitable transition for many years; Fisher’s succession planning has been far less transparent, and perhaps, far less considered.

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Why You NEED a 3(38) Fiduciary

Business Owners – Why You NEED a 3(38) Fiduciary

401(k) plans have become so commonplace that not having one at work is a red flag. Business owners typically set them up to attract and take care of employees, and also to develop a way to save themselves taxes. But most people don’t know that such plans carry tremendous risks for business owners.

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Protect Yourself Now in Case Taxes Go Way Up

How to Protect Yourself Now in Case Taxes Go Way Up

Regardless of who rules Washington in the early 2020s, one thing is certain; deficits, Social Security, and Medicare costs will go to unsustainable levels in a few short years now, and the money will have to come from somewhere. The best bet is higher taxes.

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