We are proud to announce that once again that Camarda’s Chairman and Chief Wealth Strategist has been named by Barrons as one of “America’s Top Financial Advisors” for 2017. This now makes three years running that Jeff’s been so named. Barron’s has noted that such advisors are “the nation’s best”, “truly great financial advisors”, who are “accepted in the industry” as the “top 1%”, and set “the highest standards of their profession” and “the best people in the business”. They also note that we are in “…a market environment that requires special insight and good judgment. Bonds are expensive, and the Federal Reserve is poised to continue raising short-term interest rates…Stocks are historically expensive… and inflation seems to be awakening from its decades-long slumber.” Camarda feels fortunate and honored to be able to offer a advisor of this caliber to its clients.

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