Business Owner Planning

Business owners

Owning a business takes wealth opportunities and complexity to another level. Beyond the various Camarda Wealth services to build and keep wealth, we have found the following to be especially useful to business owners:

  • Asset protection planning and S-corp. to LLC conversions
  • Benefits cost/benefit and cost control analysis
  • Strategic business income tax reduction
  • FICA and payroll tax control
  • Sales tax on owned real estate reduction
  • Property tax reduction
  • Golden Handcuffs employee retention planning
  • The Camarda Wealth 401(k)
    • Professional Camarda Wealth portfolio management. Not just a fund menu
    • 3(21) fiduciary liability transfer from owner/trustee
    • Employee education meetings, calls, webinars
    • Financial planning and counseling available to employees
    • Plan customization to drive higher owner and key staff tax deductions
    • Sophisticated employee classifications for targeted higher contributions
    • Eligibility alerts based on your criteria
    • Loan monitoring and lagged payment schedule to avoid past due from inception
    • Friendly and effective website
    • Selective employee web access by feature: contribution percentage, investment changes, loans, paper or email statements, participant’s choice
    • Compatible with most payroll systems including DIY
    • Employer contributions calculation even for different match levels
    • Immediate phone help desk – one to two-minute holds typical
    • 5500 data tracked in real time – no end of year scramble
    • Significant payroll/accounting labor savings typical

Financial decisions for business owner are complicated and crucial to succeed.

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