Camarda Believes: Executive Summary

Overvaluation appears to finally be tainting some parts of the market, particularly popular dividend stocks, which have fallen lately. Camarda emphases it believes using a value approach – baked deeply into Camarda’s investment strategies – has never been more critical. Value strategies are one of the few academically demonstrated to beat the market over the long term, if investors are patient. Value’s been lagging since the 2008 meltdown, but that looks to possibly be changing now. According to Barron’s market forecasts are looking up a bit, with a consensus 9% rise between now and the end of 2017. Low cost index and robo strategies have become very popular in the 21st century, but contain many pitfalls not widely known that could damage portfolios, and Camarda thinks these risks may be peaking. A new investment rule by DOL is intended to curb investor abuse, but we think it does not go far enough, may make things even worse,  and actually puts non-Camarda investors at great risk of damaging commissions for a long time. Jeff won a “best paper” award at his first academic conference, out of some 130 presented, many from university professors from around the world; he found that malpractice actually goes up for commission advisors that also hold financial designations like CFP®. Camarda believes taxes will be sharply higher in the years to come, and that astute planning now can make a huge difference in accumulated wealth. Finally, Camarda has partnered with DFA, to bring these acclaimed, low cost funds to our clients in our AIMS™ portfolios.

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