Camarda: Proud to be a DFA Advisor!

DFA funds were recently featured yet again in Barron’s*, and we thought you might enjoy this excerpt from the article footnoted below:

“For decades, mutual funds run by Dimensional Fund Advisors have been the forbidden fruit for do-it-yourself investors. They were top performers with low fees, but you couldn’t buy them unless you hired a financial advisor who had gone through a training program with Dimensional, also known as DFA. Those advisors could be hard to find… DFA is the pioneer of investing with an emphasis on factors (which the firm calls dimensions), such as size, value, momentum, and profitability… What’s more, DFA takes an active approach to trading: While factor index funds are turning over their portfolios, DFA is waiting patiently to get in and out of its positions, buying when other funds are selling and selling when others are buying, to maximize returns and minimize taxes….in an emailed statement, a spokesperson said (not for the first time) that  ‘we have a long track record of combining rigorous academic research with dynamic implementation.”


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