Camarda’s AIMS™ Portfolios: Executive Summary

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                                       Executive Summary

  • Portfolios based on global asset allocation diversification using funds and ETFs
  • Enables Camarda clients access to generally unavailable DFA® funds
  • Two-level diversification – targets better returns with less risk
  1. Dozens to hundreds of individual investments per  fund spreads the risk and opportunity

          2. Funds investing in different asset classes spread risk and opportunity over different markets which tend to move in different cycles and may avoid “all down together” risk

  • Six Master Portfolios, from Aggressive to Conservative
  • Building blocks to customize portfolios for individual client needs and desires
  • No “investment poker” – whole-life investment plans designed to fund your retirement and other goals

Camarda’s exclusive AIMS™ strategy is a diversified approach that uses mutual funds and ETFs. The strategy is designed to target higher returns and lower risk by using a two-tier diversification approach. Through AIMS™, Camarda clients have access to DFA® no-load funds, which are not generally available to the public.

  1. By using funds instead of individual securities, we are  able to diversify over a very large number of holdings per fund. Generally, this reduces the impact of any poor performers, and can increase the odds of getting some big winners.
  2. By using funds that focus on specific segments of the markets, like emerging markets or large cap US stocks, we  aim to spread the risk of a downturn in one since  different market segments often do not move together. We  also strive to increase the odds of having some exposure to sectors that outperform relative to the others.

The AIMS™ approach uses what’s referred to as “asset allocation” and Camarda has been using it since 1998. Diversifying this way is considered a more conservative strategy, even for the aggressive portfolios that are 100% in stocks because of the second diversification strategy.

Camarda’ s AIMS™ portfolios are managed to six styles ranging from aggressive – more potential  growth over time – to conservative, for more stable account values with less volatility.

As mentioned in the Investment Philosophy section, Camarda strategies like AIMS™ are not designed to “beat the market” over the short term, though this does happen from time to time. Rather, they are intended to provide the building blocks for a prudent and effective-long term investment plan, designed to meet your investment goals and financial planning needs over the long term.

They are “whole life” strategies intended to ensure your wealth serves as a tool to achieve your financial needs and wealth goals.

We think this makes a lot more sense than chasing performance, at the risk of big losses and unmet goals.

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