Could You Use a Free Portfolio Stress Test for Your Other Investments? Do Your Friends and Family?

We routinely offer the public free portfolio stress tests as a way of introducing our firm. Your friends, family and colleagues may also benefit from this…and if you have accounts outside of Camarda, you may find it very useful, too. This test can help you or your referrals learn more about:

  1. How likely are you to run out of money?
  2. Is your non-Camarda advisor a “fiduciary” required to put you first? (Odds are they’re not).
  3. How well trained is your non-Camarda advisor? Do they have the education to be experts in the areas they let you believe they are?
  4. Could unseen risks be setting you up for the next market crash?
  5. Are hidden commissions, markups, fees and other concealed costs cutting your returns?
  6. Are your investments appropriate for your age and needs? Any real high risk ones?
  7. Are you properly diversified? Or is your risk dangerously concentrated?
  8. What are the independent Morningstar ratings and returns on the investments you own?

This test can help yield valuable insight on “trouble spots” in your planning and portfolio before they may burn you. You and your referrals can use these results in any way you see fit, even if you don’t want to move these outside assets to Camarda.  Knowledge is power, and this test should give you plenty that you can put to use right away. If you have non-Camarda accounts or have referrals who might, call us at 1-800-262-1083 (or 1-888-CAMARDA), to learn more from your CWA, or email Jeff Camarda personally at Tell us you want the FREE Portfolio Stress Test™. For your referrals, be sure we get their phone numbers and email address so we can easily and quickly set this up…before it may be too late!

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