Camarda is excited to announce that, after long and careful consideration, we have established a relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA offers funds to individual investors exclusively through a select network of financial advisors. We are proud that Camarda is able to develop this opportunity for clients after DFA’s long due diligence process, what the Wall Street Journal describes as “a daunting steeplechase that advisors must hurtle” before being approved by DFA.  We also note Camarda’s own rigorous due diligence on DFA validated that firm’s reputation and strong alignment with our own investment philosophy. We strongly believe this new relationship can help better address clients’ financial objectives and help them pursue an even more successful investment experience.  One of Camarda’s explicit goals is to assist clients in achieving outstanding investment results using disciplined, well-established practices. Dimensional strategies are grounded in the research of leading financial economists and academics, and deeply resonate with those of our firm and its Chief Investment Officer, Jeff Camarda. According to David Booth – a DFA founder and for whom the prestigious University of Chicago’s Booth Business School is named – “indexing is too mechanical…a little bit of judgment can make a difference.”   Firm leaders and academic giants Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama (University of Chicago) and Ken French (Dartmouth) have demonstrated that smaller cap value stocks with exceptional profitability beat the market in the long term.  DFA also looks to buy good stocks cheap, patiently waiting for opportunities to buy below market prices by rushed sellers, an approach Camarda is not big enough to use directly. DFA’s broadly diversified portfolios, consistent investment approach, and trading expertise seek to deliver low expenses and turnover.  According to the WSJ (10-21-16), 2/3rds of DFA’s funds have beaten their benchmarks from inception, an enviable record. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a minority owner of DFA, said that Booth and DFA “have been true to their economic roots…without ever veering from their beliefs and theories of investing.” Camarda feels these academically-based, highly disciplined methods can add significant value to our clients in the challenging times ahead. Camarda has always done what we believe is right for our clients, and will continue to do so in the future.  We view DFA as an opportunity to significantly reduce Camarda’s clients’ investment and tax expenses, and at the same time target exceptional investment results in the uncertain markets ahead. DFA funds will be used in primarily in Camarda’s AIMS™ portfolios. We are very honored to join the select company of the DFA family.

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