Digital Security: Bits & Bytes with Agent X

“Agent X” is a client and long-time friend of the Camardas and friend of the firm, is ex-FBI, ex-black ops, and probably ex-lots of stuff we don’t know about. He is a very serious and scary dude.  He knows his stuff! Listen to him! We were fortunate to have him address the entire Camarda team in early March, and I can tell you the entire crew was in awe! This guy is GOOD! – Jeff

“The Cash Back Scam”

I have just been made aware of a new scam to get your money. This is really a new twist on an old con game.

The actual incident happened at a Super Walmart but it could occur anywhere you use your credit or debit card for payment. The scam is actually simple but effective.  You go to the checkout and present your card for payment.  The cashier scans all of the items in a normal course but also adds a $40.00 cash back (the amount varies). If you do not catch it the cashier either pockets the money or gives it to the next person in line who is a friend and part of the scam.  This has happened at an alarming rate recently..

I highly recommend you review the receipt before you depart the checkout area regardless of the line size behind you and how fast they clerk is moving on to the next customer to hurry you along. If you notice this error immediately have the manager or supervisor summoned to the checkout area. I highly recommend you not take the money unless you requested it as the interest generally accumulates as a cash advance on your card starting that day.

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