Dr. Camarda’s Executive Summary May 2017

The markets continue to float at record levels, despite world events and the increasingly clear reality that much of the Trump economic promise will, at best, be delayed. We continue to expect a healthy correction – to be used as a buying opportunity – and a continued US bull market. US stocks are viewed by very many as being overvalued, emphasizing the attraction of value investing, or seeking quality at discount prices to build in a margin of safety and profit. Non-US markets, despite strong recent gains, continue to be very attractive. Most consumers should use life insurance only to replace any income that would disappear if they die, and ten times income is a good rule of thumb for those still working. Most retirees need much less or even none. Living trusts are very flexible and effective estate planning & asset protection tools, and should be considered by most families instead of elaborate wills. Camarda is very different from most investment advisors, for important reasons you should tell your friends about, and you can hear about in Kim’s video. Finally, Agent X reminds us to not use simple passwords on electronic devices, and know that thieves are watching your screens to steal your identity if you let them.

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