Estate Planning

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Estate planning tends to be one of the least understood and poorly executed areas of financial planning. This is understandable, because it can be very complex. But unless properly planned, disaster may be hiding down the road.

For instance, many folks do not realize that using a will can guarantee probate, which can be messy, expensive, and take a long time, on top of being a public process that can attract criminals or unwanted will contests from disgruntled relatives.

Wills do nothing to protect you from guardianship, an expensive and demeaning process where a judge – not you or your family – decides if you are competent to manage your affairs, and, if not, who gets your checkbook.

If investors do not understand the complexities of estate planning, the consequences can be devastating, and this may not be obvious until it is too late.  

Camarda Wealth has deep expertise in this complicated field, guiding clients in these areas:

  • Avoiding probate and guardianship
  • Projecting and reducing or eliminating estate and gift taxes
  • Updating estate plans to reflect current laws and current goals
  • Protecting kids’ inheritance and current spouse’s retirement, if dealing with a prior marriage
  • Protecting children if one spouse dies and the other remarries
  • Protecting children’s inheritance from divorce risks and other financial predators

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