April 2017 Executive Summary

The stock markets still float high in the sky, but the hot air may cool a bit as investors sense the realization of go-go Trumponomics may be a bit slower and softer than assumed in the sharp run up since the election. Camarda still expects a correction, but considers this a buying opportunity when it comes, and is long-term bullish. Not all stocks, funds, years, or quarters are winners, but it is enough to be invested in good enough positions over enough periods to achieve superior results. Camarda’s leader has once again been named as a “Barron’s Best” advisor, and should have his Dr Camarda PhD issued by the time you read this. Our new website– camarda.com—is up and running, and we have gotten lots of positive feedback. This is a great way to introduce friends and family to Camarda, and with changes in the markets and advisor regulation, there may have never been a better time to refer those you care about to us. For instance, most folks still don’t know that advisors are not required to be fiduciaries, and put their clients first—and this could be costing your friends a lot. Think about referring them now, while its on your mind. Social Security can be more complicated than it looks, and many people make the wrong decisions about claiming their benefits. Finally, cyber fraud is on the rise, and Agent X has some great safety tips, like using shielded wallets to prevent scanner ID theft. Jeff just bought one!

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