February 2017 Executive Summary

The US markets continue to roar, but we expect a pause is in the cards – if it comes, use it as a buying opportunity. Non-US markets are finally catching fire, and we feel these have tremendous upside, and this is a good reason to shift more into our AIMS+ portfolios for expanded diversification and global exposure. We see inflation, interest rates, employment, and the US economy going up, and taxes down. We have an important financial class coming up, by which time Jeff should be Dr. Camarda as he defends his dissertation in late February. Check out our new website at camarda.com, and tell your friends! We report more survey results below, and are still offering our portfolio stress test, so if you or your friends have non-Camarda accounts please let us provide this free service for you – it may help dodge a bullet! Finally, while we don’t actually hate all annuities, we dislike many of them, and if you or someone you care about has or is thinking about them, get Jeff’s free report The Unvarnished Truth About Annuities.

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