Getting the Insurance You Need – And Cutting the Cost of Insurance You Don’t

Insurance can be one of the most bewildering – and overbought – financial products. Getting objective guidance on what insurance you need – and don’t need, or no longer need – can be a chore. Commission agents are sometimes not the best source for this – they may have a compensation self-interest in you keeping insurance you may not need, or they may just not even know how to to properly advise you. To help you get what you really need, and free up assets and cash flow for what you really want, the insurance sections of OMV can really be a very profitable tool. We’ve showed examples for life and long term care insurance below, but the tool covers lots more that can help you take charge and to try to make sure that your valuable assets are laser-focused on your most important goals, and not wasted on products that are overpriced, or that you don’t need!

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