Holistic Wealth Health

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What’s “total wealth health?” Do you have it? Camarda Wealth defines this as gelling all aspects of your finances working together to drive higher wealth. In many cases, investors lead many different “financial lives.”

The risk

Investments are in one “bucket” or even many buckets with different advisors, brokers, 401(k) plans,, and so on. Tax planning – if there is even much tax planning – is in another, insurance in a third, and so on. If there is estate planning, it is often not coordinated with the other buckets. Without a master strategy, these buckets often do not reinforce each other, which means you can leave money on the table as your wealth grows slower than it could.

Worse, the buckets can actually work at cross purposes, wasting wealth. This happens, for instance, when an investment’s tax impact is not considered, and the after-tax growth is far less than alternatives that could have been better strategic fits. When wealth is wasted this way, investors may need to work longer, retire on less, and have less left over to pass down.

How We Help

Camarda Wealth’s approach focuses on total wealth health. We work to coordinate all of your financial lives, and strive to get all the pieces to work together. When this is done right, it can make our clients’ lives far simpler, less stressful, and much richer.

Camarda Wealth’s expertise can take our clients from basic planning, or even detailed financial planning, to advanced wealth management that can weave investments, asset protection, retirement, estate planning, and more into one tight, efficient strategic plan.

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