Introducing One Money View

We are very excited to introduce a major enhancement of our tech platform that should help clients take much stronger control of their financial information, and get more out of their money, and their lives. We call it OneMoneyView, and it will be rolling out in pieces over the coming months. This system should provide much more detailed financial planning and retirement projection information, help generate and track goals in real time, let you play with multiple scenarios online or with your personal wealth advisor (like can we afford that vacation house and still retire on time?) and lots more. Truly exciting, OneMoneyView will let you see all your accounts – Camarda, bank accounts, mortgages and other loans, active 401ks, investment accounts at brokers, and more – on one screen, at one time, to see how it all adds up. Plus you can see all transactions and other money flows in real time, on your computer or phone. No more confusing, multiple apps for each institution. Instead, we think you’ll feel in total control with OneMoneyView, and that it will simplify and empower your life. We’re very, very excited to be building this for you!


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