Tips on finding a fiduciary fee-only financial advisor, certified financial planner, investment / rollover advisor

WARNING – Finding a GOOD financial advisor is HARD!

Finding a financial advisor is easy.

They are everywhere these days. Big Financial is cranking them out. Big financial is using lots of marketing hype to get into your wallet. And most of the time, it’s for their profit, not yours.

Just Google “financial advisor near me” or “financial planning near me” or “certified financial planner near me” or even “fiduciary financial advisor near me.” You are sure to get a bewildering number of hits.

But finding a qualified fiduciary you should trust can be hard.

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Successful retirement in Ponte Vedra BeachGet this right, and your financial future and retirement can be very bright. According to Vanguard, a good advisor can add about 3% to your annual returns. That could mean a difference of millions more in family wealth.

Make the wrong choice, and you face some big risks. Like seeing your wealth evaporate to high, hidden fees, big sales commissions and major losses from bad advice.

It can be harder than you think to find a no-commission fiduciary who has to put you first. So, if searching for CFP near me, consider this. According to Barron’s about 49% of advisors work on commissions only. Another 43% take both sales commissions and fiduciary fees. It can be hard to tell what hat they’re wearing, and what you’re really paying. A financial consultant may say “I’m a fee-based fiduciary.” But fee based really means fees and commissions. They probably won’t tell you “I will also try to sell you commission products after I have your trust.” 

Less than 9% of advisors are true fee-only fiduciaries. Your odds of not getting a real fiduciary financial planner are worse than 9 to 1. Those are terrible odds. It means nearly every advisor is legally free to put their own compensation ahead of protecting your interests. And that can be very hazardous to your wealth. 

You have to be careful. On the surface every personal financial advisor can make it seem like they’re a real, full time financial fiduciary. But remember! Over 90% of financial advisors are not! 

Camarda doesn’t play that game.

Find the right advisor & change your life!

Be smart! Few advisors have advanced training, and 91% can take commissions and not put you first. Hardly any – less than 0.2% – make the Barron’s Top Advisor grade. There’s a reason! Demand better to get better and supercharge your future.

“Insider Secrets” on Choosing a Quality Financial Advisor – What You Must Know to Make a Smart Choice

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  4. That’s it! Use the free advice and wealth plan prescription any way you want!

Assessment only offered without charge to investors with $500K+ liquid

What to Look For in Financial Consultant & Financial Advisor Training

flow chartFinancial planning done right is complex. Really complex. Every bit as complicated as medicine or law. Unfortunately, medical or law school is not required for advisors!

Worse, most advisors have no more training besides than the few weeks needed to get a basic government license. 

Would you trust your family’s health care to a doctor with just a sales license and no background in medicine? Of course not!

Don’t take that risk with your wealth care! Don’t get shortchanged!  Insist on all of the following factors in a quality advisor. It may seem like a lot, but you have a lot on the line. And you typically will pay no more – and sometimes lots less – for an advisor with all of the factors you need to do your family wealth right. Make sure they check every box!

Important factors to consider in financial advisors and investment advisors:

  • Top Rated Financial Advisors – by respected authorities like Barron’s and Forbes –can signal advisory excellence and better results (less than two tenths of 1% of US advisors applied for and made the Barron’s list Camarda has been on for years)
  • Full-time Fiduciary – no investment or insurance commission licenses –assures your interests are put 1st
  • Financial Planning Certifications –Certified Financial Planner (CFP) – generalist training to coordinate your big picture
  • Investment Certifications – Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) specialist investment expertise to mastermind your portfolio growth
  • Insurance Certifications –Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) specialist insurance expertise to make better decisions
  • Tax and IRS Certifications – CPA, EA, or Tax Attorney specialist tax training can cut tax & grow more wealth & income for you
  • Graduate financial degrees – masters and PhDs – academic training & rigor can drive better financial results for you
One-stop all in house investment, financial planning tax, estate/trust & more – top-down coordination can make it fast & EZ to supercharge your wealth

Camarda checks all of these boxes, with “top advisor” rankings from Barron’s, Forbes, and more, an A+ from Better Business Bureau, and a PhD-led financial planning team.

We make it so easy to check us out!

  1. Request an assessment
  2. Have a conversation
  3. Do a free planning meeting
  4. Get started on a better financial plan to secure your future!

Assessment only offered without charge to investors with $500K+ liquid

WARNING! A Recommended Financial Advisor May Have Dangerous Red Flags


Buyer Beware...


or Advice You Can Trust?


The majority of advisors are “glorified salespeople” with only basic licenses. 

Does the advisor you have or are considering check all the boxes you need to safely protect and grow your wealth? Request our free assessment, and we’ll run an advisor stress test at no charge:

  • Are you being overcharged? 
  • Are they licensed to take investment or annuity commissions?
  • Are you at risk of theft or abuse?
  • Do they have a record of fines, crimes, suspensions, complaints or client settlements?
  • Could unprofessional advice damage your wealth?
  • Do they lack expert financial, tax and investments training?
  • Are they too new? Just getting started learning the trade?
  • Are they properly experienced and seasoned by several bear markets?
  • Will you pay extra commissions to justify signing bonuses?
  • Do they have a stable job record, or are they bonus-chasing job hoppers?

Are We the “Best Fee-Only Financial Advisor Near You?” Reasons to Trust Camarda:

  • Get a nationally-ranked “Top Advisor”  BBB A+ firm on your side
  • No-complaints BrokerCheck record since 1984 (Dr. Jeff Camarda)
  • Your accounts safeguarded at independent institutions like TD Ameritrade
  • Full-time fiduciary no commissions, EVER
  • Prudent, conservative investment approach to protect and grow your wealth
  • Hi-touch/PhD-expert service model puts you and your family first

The homework’s been done…nationally renowned and repeatedly reviewed by national authorities…that’s smart research that makes it easy to be safe & wise!

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