January 2017 Executive Summary

The market has rallied strongly since the election, but we think a bit too far, too fast. Camarda believes we will see a sharp correction early in 2017, and possibly by the time you view this material. Still, we believe both the US economy and the Trump rally have legs, and that likely changes in US policy – even if not all are implemented – will be very good for business, and hence the market. For this reason we think US stocks still look good for several years, as do many non US markets. Many offshore markets offer better deals, however, and could ultimately be more profitable. Asset protection is a critical planning area that is often overlooked, and something Camarda is happy to help with. We have a free report on this, which is yours for the asking.  Our new website is up at camarda.com, and has lots of quality wealth advice – please take a look! Client survey results are in, and while supermajorities of respondents report being satisfied or very satisfied with Camarda, we plan to work even harder on critical areas. Jeff’s Chairman’s Communiqués are now on video! Finally, Camarda offers free Portfolio Stress Tests for your referrals, and for any non-Camarda investment accounts you may have. These tests can yield very valuable data, and we encourage you to take one! Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous 2017, I’m Jeff Camarda

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