Jeff’s Post-Debate Update

It is the beginning of the fourth quarter of this most interesting year of 2020. Not a whole lot to report on, but a couple of quick updates.

The first is I’d like to share we’ve had some limited feedback from folks that have been watching your statements and confirmations. But this new initiative for Camarda, tactical opportunities CTO this high trading activity enterprise, we’re very happy with initial results on the performance is very gratifying in a percentage basis.

It’s kind of inherent in this portfolio strategy that obviously not every idea works out. In fact, a good number of them don’t. And the important thing is that our success is measured by the overall percentage of return, the dollar gain on the winners less, the dollar loss on the losers, so long as that’s a good percentage of the portfolio. We’ve been successful and we’re very happy with those numbers so far. So don’t be too distracted.

Now, if you see some positions that are sold at losses and obviously it’s not that it can be somewhat unnerving, but if you dig down and actually look at the numbers or want us to help you do that with you, I think you’d be actually very pleased with how well it’s working out. So we’re happy about that. Again, our overall strategy is kind of splitting the baby. We continue to believe that the markets are at high risk of a significant downturn for a lot of factors.

The COVID eviscerated economies, the developing trade and cold wars with China, the US political scene really descending into acrimony. Who knows how that’s going to work out? Civil unrest, United States or so many things that real and most importantly, the kind of the disconnect between stock market valuations, prices for stocks and the underlying economic fundamentals of the profitability of those companies. There’s a lot of reasons to be concerned. Such conditions can’t continue for a long time. Just because it doesn’t make any sense doesn’t mean the market will go higher, doesn’t make any fundamental financial sense, doesn’t make the market go higher. So for that reason, we have split the baby or kind of sitting on the fence, have a good bit deployed in those areas that we expect to do relatively well, but very comfortable large cash positions to kind of dampen out the downside and to enable us to take advantage if a significant downturn does present that, you, in fact, pick up some stuff we like – really cheap.

We have an upcoming class that’s based on the Forbes article I did last week, which got an astonishing 100,000. In fact, I’m in negotiations with a major publisher to write a book based on the themes in that article, which is gratifying. We’ll make sure we circulate that to clients if it comes to pass. I think it will. But I’m actually doing a class on this- the Investors Perfect storm of retirees and near retirees, triple threats in a week or two. You’ll get invitations. And it’s so important. And so many people, regardless of their age; the publisher is a millennial, says, “I’m not going to retire for so long. So it’s even worse for us!”

If you play that out over the coming decades, the longer further out you look, the worse it could get if you don’t take countermeasures.

And this information is really important and appropriate for virtually anyone. I implore you to please share the class link and help as many people as you can get access to this information. The class is free and I think they’ll really thank you for it.

Things are proceeding as expected. And as things develop, we’ll be in touch via video.

The videos are a lot less frequent based on the feedback I got a few weeks ago. So let me know if this is not just right. If you want more of them or some of you want less. I’m always accessible to you and very keenly interested in your thoughts to help improve our program in our outreach to you, so please email me at j@camarda

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