Onemoneyview™ – Taking Camarda’s Wealth Management Advice to the Next Level

After much research and lots of hard work, we are very excited to announce the rollout of Camarda’s new OneMoneyView™! While we have long strived to provide tightly integrated advice that really synergizes all your wealth planning goals, up until now we have not develop a clear and durable way to present this all to you. No more! Our new tool will keep all this tracked and tight for you, but constantly update it, pull in information on other outside accounts, payments, and so on, and give you 24/7 online access so you can check out your total wealth position across all your assets at any time from the privacy of your computer or phone! We call it OneMoneyView™ or a reason, and we really think you will love it! We will be rolling this out over 2018 as we conduct your annual reviews, but if you want to get started sooner, talk to Bashar or Robert on your PWA team, and they can show you how to fast track it! We will focus on just a few of OneMoneyView™’s – powerful capabilities in the sections below…fasten your seatbelts! For brevity, I will sometimes refer to OneMoneyView™ as OMV.

The Big Picture – Keeping on Track to Wealth Success!

One of the really powerful features of OMV is keeping our eye on what really matters – our major goals – and how well our wealth structure is keeping us pointed toward them. This can have the added benefit of reviving some of the stress of being disturbed by the ups and downs of the market, and knee-jerk emotional reactions to how well we are doing compared to it. For instance, a more conservative investment strategy by intention and design will almost certainly never do as well as an aggressive all stock strategy, because the risk level or volatility is lower. It won’t do as well in a good stock market, but not as bad in a bad stock market. But if a more conservative strategy gives us a better chance of achieving our wealth goals, who cares if we underperform the market in some years, so long as we improve the odds of getting what we really want? This is really important, and we believe that OMV can really free you from the stress and gut-wrenches of what some have called the “financial pornography” of CNBC, and instead help you refocus on what really matters, using your money as a tool to get you where you want to be. This should help you move from sitting on pins and needles, to sitting pretty! For instance, the folks in the example here are headed toward their core goals with a very high probability of success.

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