Portfolio Strategies

Strategy for investment

Camarda Wealth’s investment strategies are disciplined, rules-based, and run by our portfolio management board.

Here are a number of ways we help our clients:

Custom portfolio plans

We develop a personalized investment policy statement for each client, which often blends elements from our various strategies. This approach creates a custom portfolio designed to address the needs and preferences of each individual client. The overall portfolio plan is regularly updated and discussed with each client.

AIMS™ portfolios

To target wide diversification and international exposure, we use ETFs and no-load mutual funds in Camarda Wealth’s Allocated Investment Management System™. We have asset allocation portfolios, which range from conservative to reasonably aggressive – and even our aggressive strategies strive to control risk via diversification.

Individual stocks

Our portfolio management board also runs individual stock strategies, which target for current income, growth and income, and long-term capital growth. These strategies are based on “buying quality cheap,” part of our value investing philosophy.

Legacy holdings

We also offer ongoing advice on your existing holdings which you may not want to sell for tax or other reasons. We call this service Legacy Stock Watch, and through it we regularly report to our clients that own these positions on each company after analyzing both fundamental and technical factors. Unlike as with many advisors, clients don’t need to sell existing holdings to work with us.

Similar to having all eggs in one basket, holding large concentrated positions can increase the risk of loss. For clients with this added risk, Camarda Wealth develops plans to slowly diversify out of these concentrated positions, while being very sensitive to the tax implications that can come with selling securities with large capital gains.

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