Folks, now more than ever your family and friends could possibly really use our help. Changes in the rules may prompt many other “advisors” to sell products now that are not in the best interests of their clients, and, surprisingly, most people don’t even know that many investment advisors are not required (as Camarda is) to put the interests of their clients ahead of their own. This situation can cause some real damage, and does not look to be getting better any time soon. The new DOL fiduciary rule – which would apply only to accounts like IRA’s anyway, and not to trust, joint, or other regular investment accounts – looks like it will be delayed or even repealed.
Most advisors lack real professional training, and have no formal financial education. And with bonds and stocks possibly poised for a big dip, and hidden commission annuity sales rampant, your friends and family may stand to lose a lot. Why not refer them to Camarda for a free second opinion, and a free Wealth 360 Stress Test? You – and they – may feel very fortunate that you took the trouble to try to help them.

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