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If you’ve been a high-earning taxpayer, live long and make smart Social Security claiming choices, the present value of a successful couple’s benefits can be as high as $3,504,000 or more. That’s a serious asset that deserves careful planning.

If you have an investment accounts of even a few hundred thousand or more, making the right Social Security “claiming” decisions can become very complicated, and the wrong choices could cost you hundreds of thousands or more in lost lifetime income, and mean you needlessly pay tax on nearly all your Social Security! And with over 50% of senior widows below the poverty line, leaving a spouse financially insecure is a grave concern.

To help you make smart choices on this valuable asset, download Maximum Social Security Income Strategies for Investors to fill in this gap for investors. The report is free, and the information could make all the difference in your retirement.

About the Author, Dr. Jeff Camarda

Jeff founded Camarda Wealth Advisors in 1993 and is a nationally-recognized expert of financial planning and wealth management. He is the subject of several Wall Street Journal articles, the host of the Wealth Education Radio show, has been named “one of the best financial advisors in America” by Barron’s, and WORTH magazine recognized him as one of the “Top 250” financial advisors in the U.S.

Dr. Jeff Camarda,
CFA®, E.A., PhD Financial & Retirement Planning
Previous Certifications: CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, MSFS®, CFS®, BCM™
Firm Chairman, CEO, Chair Portfolio Management Board

Dr. Jeff Camarda

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