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At or near retirement age, and looking for secure long-term retirement income?

active retired coupleWhether or not you have a pension plan or 401k plan, juggling your options to assure retirement income can be very hard. Can you count on Social Security? What financial planning should you? Will you get the right rate of return? Should you use a Roth IRA, or look for tax free income? What to do about a 401k rollover or IRA rollover?

Can you achieve your retirement goals? Will your savings plans be enough?

Before looking for just any financial advisor, retirement advisor, CFP or Certified Financial Planner near you, consider:

Finding a retirement plan is easy…every bank, broker and insurance agent wants to sell you one…but finding the right retirement plan is hard.

What should you look for in a financial advisor, retirement advisor, financial planner, or investment advisor who can give you quality retirement planning advice?

Retirement financial tools

Retirement Advisor Qualifications Checklist:

  • Fiduciary & fee-only – no commissions!
  • Tax Expertise – tax advantages, tax-deferred & tax-free strategies
  • Clean SEC record – no malpractice, complaints, settlements or suspensions
  • Advanced financial planning & retirement planning expertise & credentials
  • Advanced retirement planning software like MoneyGuidePro
  • Coordination with investments, spending, estate plan, trust, tax & life insurance

Camarda checks all these boxes, and more.

Will you only get one shot at a safe and happy retirement? Your choices NOW could mean the difference between living comfortably…or running out of money!

Be careful, be smart. Get the retirement planning information you need before risking big or expensive mistakes. Click for our free retirement readiness assessment now.

Help Avoid Big Retirement Mistakes & Traps With Our FREE Guide

Often, investors’ biggest concern is running out of money.

Have you saved enough? How long will you and your spouse live? Will your investments make enough after taxes and inflation? How much can you afford to spend? What will health care cost?

Figuring this out can be hard, but it’s not enough. Stopping there – as most simplistic retirement plans do – can be playing with fire. And your retirement might never recover from making the wrong moves in the aftermath of the COVID Crash.  Get our FREE guide to learn to protect against these dangers:

This FREE, PhD-written financial education can guide you to avoid retirement blunders and potential financial disaster. Get it now, while there’s still time, before getting stuck.

1. The coming mega inflation

2. The tax timebomb

3. Guardianship dangers

4. Living longer than expected

5. Poor investment choices

6. Estate planning errors

7. Your spouse’s long-term care

8. Divorce dangers

9. Pension perils

10. How to “stress test” your retirement portfolio

Key Retirement-Planning Steps Everyone Should Take

Too often financial advisors use simple retirement calculators as mere sales tools.

These can justify the sale of expensive commission products like mutual funds, bonds, annuities, or cookie cutter portfolios.

Such simplistic “retirement plans” can fall far short of addressing the many complexities one should expect in real life. Worse, once a product or portfolio is sold, it may rarely be updated to reflect changes in market conditions, or your life needs and goals.

Make sure your retirement plan covers these items:

  1. Prioritize your goals into needs, wants, and wishes. If you have to cut back, you will know where.
    1. Basic needs & luxury items
    2. Travel and recreation
    3. Health care & long-term care
    4. Legacy for children and grandchildren
  2. Stress test for future risks to running out of money
    1. Living longer than you think
    2. Reductions in spouse’s income after 1st death
    3. Cutbacks in your Social Security or higher taxes
    4. Hidden product costs in mutual funds or annuities
  3. Regular adjustments to address changes in your needs and your funding
  4. Ongoing portfolio planning for income and growth after taxes and inflation
  5. Interactive features so you can “play” to test affordability of dream items like Camarda’s Play Zone® app.

Really smart retirement planning can mean the difference between real struggle or a luxury lifetime vacation. Be careful – be smart! Take our FREE assessment and find out!

Do You Want a Top-Rated Advisor To Help Manage Your Retirement Savings?

There are hundreds of thousands of financial advisors these days. Most only have basic sales licenses and no advanced financial training. Very few have graduate degrees in finance.

how to find the best financial advisor for retirementOver 91% are not dedicated fiduciaries. The majority aren’t fee-only.

They can take big commissions that can be hard to spot…that they may not want you to see.  You just can’t count on the vast majority of advisors to put your best interests first!

And only a very select few make the Best Advisor lists. For instance, less than 0.2% make the coveted Barron’s Top Advisor list.

There’s a reason these top advisors make these lists. Perhaps their advice is better?

With so many advisors competing for your business, choosing who to trust is very hard – but can be incredibly important.  

When it comes to your retirement happiness and security why take a chance? Why not insist on the best retirement advisor you can find?

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Here’s why you should insist on Dr. Camarda as your retirement financial advisor:

Jeff Camarda

  • Barron’s Top Advisor – year after year
  • Advice repeatedly featured in Wall Street Journal
  • Forbes Top Advisor – year after year
  • PhD in Retirement Planning & Financial Planning
  • Paid Forbes contributor
  • Fee-only and fiduciary
  • Experience since 1984, clean SEC record
  • Advanced tax, estate, and asset protection

Find out what a difference a “Top Advisor” can make…client below for a no-obligation assessment.

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