Security Bits and Bites: Financial Safety Tips from “agent X”

This is the first blurb for 2017 and is hopefully finding all of the team to have made it through 2016 without losses of your identity or fraud against your credit cards. Recent trends in international travel and some places like Miami, NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and the like have found travelers in both the non-secure areas and secured areas becoming victims of Credit Card Fraud as a result of carrying the RFID enabled credit card unprotected in your purse or wallet. Card that are present card (contactless) have RFID Chips as does your Passport, and some driver’s license. Florida has not yet adopted the RFID Driver’s License. Two solutions are currently available.

Solution one is to buy a wallet that has RFID protection built into it.Solution two and the one I use is RFID clothing. Travel Smith and others have this clothing available.

When the cards and passports and other documents that have, RFID enabled in them, it is a trivial exercise to detect and read the data on them. The thieves in the airports are using receivers in briefcases, back packs, and purses and pass by you reading your data. The closer they can get to you the easier it is to receive the data so when you are in lines, or going through confined areas is the easiest place to do steal this data. Most recently in Europe they have caught thieves capturing this data at the luggage collection areas. Similar captures have been detected in the US.
Be safe, buy the protection that meets your needs to protect your data.

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