Should I Buy Annuities?

Annuities are some of the most complicated, poorly understood “investment” products on the market. But many investors don’t know they are actually life insurance policies that can pay high – even very high – commissions to salespeople who are often not required to put your interests first. For these reasons, annuities are sometimes pushed even when they are not the best solution, especially when misleading claims of “no fees or commissions” or “I’m paid directly by the company” may hide the real cost and motives for high commission products. Many investors who buy annuities don’t really understand them, don’t need them, pay far too much for them, and ultimately may come to regret investing in them.

Are they right for you?
The confusing truth is that annuities are completely right for many investors – but completely wrong for many others! Because of their life insurance nature, annuities can offer valuable features that no other investment product can. Of course, these features are only worth paying for if you need them, and, depending on the annuity, can come at extremely high tax and products costs. Unfortunately, the commissions, product costs, and tax treatment are often not easy to find for consumers – or well explained by salespeople looking to make commissions! – This can make smart shopping and cost comparisons nearly impossible. And with lots of marketing hype and high commission sales pressure out there, it can be too easy to make the wrong decision – a decision you could feel stuck with for a long, long time.

Our free annuities handbook can help
It seems like advisors either love or hate annuities, so much so that it can be hard to get objective opinions and guidance on this important topic. That’s why I wrote The Unvarnished Truth about Annuities, which is designed to give you balanced, sophisticated insights that can help you really understand. In clear, simple language, this financial education tool can help you finally “get” exactly what they are, why (or why not) you may want them, and how to simply figure out what they really cost, and what commissions and ongoing fees you may really be paying, so you can compare products and make informed decisions. Plus, if you have annuities you decide you really don’t need, this guide can show you shrewd ways to make the most of them, or even come out ahead. It’s yours for the asking, if you would like it just click on the link .

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