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Helpful Advice 2

questions to ask a financial advisor

Top Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Financial advice is one of the most confusing services consumers purchase. Sadly, it remains very difficult to tell the difference between highly trained, ethical and effective advisors, and charming salespeople who may or may not be able to effectively grow and protect your family’s wealth.

How to Make Money in a Bear Market

More astute investors may look for ways to profit from bear markets. Conservative strategies to attempt this include considering price softness to represent a buying opportunity, and use bear markets to accumulate shares.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Many people are sold inadequate amounts of whole and universal life because the commissions are high. Avoid this trap. Get cheap term, get enough death benefit to cover the need, and keep it only so long as you have an economic need.

tax strategies for high income earners

Tax Savings Strategies for High Income Earners

Tax strategy is the master wealth skill, which can possibly make the difference between getting by and getting rich. Smart tax tends to be the least appreciated wealth skill, and many consumers seem to downplay the value …

best annuities for seniors

Income For Life –Best Annuities for Seniors Retirement

Annuities are one of the most confounding and controversial products in the “investments” world. The decision to buy one is complicated and can leave you “stuck” in a product that does not fit now, or may not in the future.