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Helpful Advice

Last Minute Tax Tips & Tactics – Part I

                                                               Watch Jeff’s video here Ah, it’s March again, and the tax madness musters anew. For those who yearn to file by April 17th, the

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Hail Caesar!

Caesar is Camarda’s “new” proprietary individual stock strategy, which is intended to target the sort of quality-on-the cheap stocks, paying nice dividends, that we expect will get us winningly through the bumps ahead.

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Stockpicker’s Market Just Ahead?

What’s causing all the turmoil? Interest rates. US stocks that have been overvalued for years. The world economic desolation that increasingly beckons from US trade “policy.”

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Caesar Battlefield Report

Tsakos Energy Navigation (TEN) (NYSE: TNP) is among the largest independent transporters of energy in the world, managing a fleet of 60+ modern & competitive vessels.

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Why Taxes Will Go Up!

I have often said that tax strategy is the master wealth skill, the one that can make the difference between “just” doing really well, and getting really rich. It is somewhat ironic that it tends to be the least appreciated wealth skill, where consumers…

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