Smart Money Investment Strategies

Often consumers start investing using savings accounts, the money market, and other short-term investment options. Later, when they start to save for retirement and get serious about other financial goals, they may keep this short-term mentality, but this can be a mistake.

Caesar Update

While it is inevitable that some will move faster, it is important to emphasize that we like them all, and hope for nice profits from each of them, barring unforeseen problems. We think it is important to try to separate the long-term probabilities from the short-term noise like what’s trendy, and how the media is reporting.

Has the New Bull Market Begun?

As Buffett has famously and repeatedly said, “the time to be fearful is when others are greedy, and the time to be greedy is when others are fearful.” The fear gauge is up, and we suggest you feel greedy and hope for some nice gains for awhile!

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