Survey Says! (Report 1) My Advisor Adds Value above and Beyond Investment Performance

Thanks to all the Camarda clients who took the time to help with the survey! We are especially thankful since this is the second one we’ve burdened you with this year, so we promise to lay off for awhile! We only do it to pursue excellence for you. Your time is greatly appreciated, and your opinions really matter to us! For the first time, Camarda hired an independent, outside firm to conduct this so we could get objective, industry-standardized opinions, and so clients could be assured of complete anonymity if they wanted. We are very excited and proud about the results! By consistent super majorities, respondents were satisfied or very satisfied, and offered key insights.  Here’s one of the questions and Camarda’s scores, with a bit of commentary. More to come later.


                My advisor adds value above and beyond investment performance

A supermajority of clients reported being satisfied or very satisfied, and indicated that this aspect of our service was important or critical. As you likely know, Camarda deeply values financial education as a means to facilitate superior advice. Not just on investments, but for overall wealth management, to help pull all areas – tax, estate, asset protection, retirement, insurance and risk control, and so on – together. In this way, we seek to target optimal financial results, and help our client families get what really matters to them.

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