Survey Says! (2/5) the Advice My Advisor Provides Is Helping Me Create a Better Financial Future

Thanks to all the Camarda clients who took the time to help with the survey! Your time is greatly appreciated, and your opinions really matter to us. We are very excited and proud about the results! By consistent super majorities, respondents were satisfied or very satisfied.  Here’s another of the questions and Camarda’s scores, with a bit of commentary – lots more later!

The advice my advisor provides is helping me create a better financial future

While again a supermajority of clients reported being satisfied or very satisfied, several factors tell us we can do a better job in this area. For one thing, a whopping 88% of clients said this was critical, and 98% said it was critical or important. Camarda could not agree more, and has already stepped up its efforts to make our wealth management advice even more accessible in more ways that we hope will be easier and more effective for clients to benefit from. The quarterly update process now includes an executive summary of Jeff’s most recent thinking, as well as specific wealth planning focuses like year-end tax planning, retirement funding, and asset protection to cite recent examples. Our website has been totally redone, and includes access to Jeff’s detailed reports on lots of advanced planning areas, as well as a “Wealth Matters” database with a large number of short articles Jeff’s written that can help get you quality information, fast. Jeff has also begun a video You Tube outreach, where his Chairman’s Communiqués and other financial education material are emailed to clients and available on and on You Tube on an ongoing basis. A dedicated Twitter function is on the way. Beyond this, we are very open to your ideas on how we can communicate to coach you better to optimize your financial future. Please let us know! Email Jeff directly at with your suggestions…please!

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