Survey Says! (Report 5) My Advisor Takes the Time to Understand My Needs and Concerns

Thanks to all the Camarda clients who took the time to help with the survey! Your time is greatly appreciated, and your opinions really matter to us. We are very excited and proud about the results! By consistent super majorities, respondents were satisfied or very satisfied.  Here’s another of the questions and Camarda’s scores, with a bit of commentary – lots more later!

My advisor takes the time to understand my needs and concerns

A supermajority of clients here also reported being satisfied or very satisfied with this, but it is such a key area – with 99% reporting this as important (88% critical) that we really want to step up our efforts to make sure we extend ourselves to get this heavily covered as the world becomes more complex and demanding. Our quarterly discussions are now much more formatted and informative, and now include specific financial planning focus areas. Our annual review process is being completely redone, and designed to help us hear more clearly what is important to you to improve your life. While this may take a bit more time on your part, it will really help us focus on what matters to you. Finally, if you need help or have questions, please feel free to call or email! From estate planning, tax input, asset protection planning, retirement income mapping, insurance, real estate, portfolio stress testing, and more, you might be surprised at how far we extend our resources when clients need us. So if you need us…ask!

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