Survey Says! (Report 4) My Advisor Demonstrates Leadership by Reassuring Me During Turbulent Markets

Thanks to all the Camarda clients who took the time to help with the survey! Your time is greatly appreciated, and your opinions really matter to us. We are very excited and proud about the results! By consistent super majorities, respondents were satisfied or very satisfied.  Here’s another of the questions and Camarda’s scores, with a bit of commentary – lots more later!

My advisor demonstrates leadership by reassuring me during turbulent markets

A supermajority of clients here also reported being satisfied or very satisfied with this, but this also is such a key area – with 98% reporting this as critical or important, that we really want to step up our efforts to make sure we extend ourselves to you during inevitable periods of turbulence to the downside. No one needs reassurance when the markets are soaring, only when they plunge. This is a very important need – reminding you that both parts are normal and that the pain of plunges is the price of soaring returns – and we will really work on proactively reaching out even more during downturns. For starters, Jeff will go back to his 2009 crash era practice of writing timely Chairman’s Communiqués when this happens, and your CWA will personally reach out via phone or email to offer reassurance and Camarda’s view on what’s happening. This is also a great time to remind you that downturns are great times to buy, and that that little voice in your head whispering “sell before it goes lower!” is a very poor, wealth-killing advisor.  Please let us know how you feel about Twitter, Face Book, and other means for very fast communications – would that be something you would look at? Please let me know.

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