Survey Says! (Report 3) I Would Recommend Camarda to Family, Friends and Colleagues

Thanks to all the Camarda clients who took the time to help with the survey! Your time is greatly appreciated, and your opinions really matter to us. We are very excited and proud about the results! By consistent super majorities, respondents were satisfied or very satisfied.  Here’s another of the questions and Camarda’s scores, with a bit of commentary – lots more later!

I would recommend Camarda to family, friends and colleagues

A supermajority of clients who participated in the survey – 78% in this case – said they were comfortable referring their friends, family, and co-workers to Camarda, and many of you have in the past year (thanks!). Please remember that we are most grateful when you do, and happy to get you a nice gift card to express our appreciation. Because sometimes your referrals will call in without mentioning you, please let your CWA know in advance who may be calling – or better yet get us their contact info so we can reach out to  them after you tell them you suggested we call – so we can track this and make sure you get credit. To make this even easier for you, get them to look at our new website, and tell them about the many opportunities to get free financial education reports that they can’t get anywhere else. Just make sure they mention you when they fill in the online request form!

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