Tax Reduction

tax reduction for fixed income

Camarda Wealth has a saying, “Taxes saved is wealth earned.” Tax control is much more powerful than many investors may realize, often because the actual cost can go unnoticed. This can be compounded by the complexity of the tax code, and the fact that many tax advisors can be so unfamiliar with important planning opportunities that big tax savings are missed.

Beyond this, tax preparers can have a “nothing you can do about taxes” attitude that can blind them to proactive tax reduction methods that are well accepted.

Perhaps more than in any other financial planning discipline, getting taxes right make a dramatic difference in how rich you get, and stay. It can have a greater impact moving the wealth needle.

Many successful families are woefully underserved when it comes to tax reduction advice. In the United States, a small percentage of citizens pay the majority of all income taxes.  However, many of these taxpayers can be overpaying by hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.  The good news is there are ways to legitimately avoid taxes each year, using long-accepted mainstream techniques. 

The Internal Revenue Code is incredibly complex, and often even expensive accountants and advisors routinely miss powerful opportunities to save big tax. But this complexity can offer huge payoffs for those with the right information and advice.  Many can be leaving a real fortune on the table by not avoiding excessive taxation

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