The Trade War and Your Investments – 5 Key Factors

With the prospect of World War Trade becoming a reality, many investors fear that big losses may be in the cards going forward. Here’s what Camarda thinks:

  1. The trade war’s already begun, with the US blasting away at the rest of the world.
  2. Non-US investments and big US stocks that export goods are already getting hit.
  3. The US position has some merit, as we have been on the bad end of many unfair practices for some time.
  4. US tactics are quite inflammatory, and while there is a fair risk of them backfiring, in the end we believe they will work in leveling the playing field. This will boost not only US prosperity but wealth around the world.
  5. While there are clear risks to both US and off- shore investments of nearly every stripe, the economic interests of nearly all players put good odds on a peaceful and fairly quick resolution.

Conclusion? The bumpy ride for investments has already begun, and we hope it doesn’t  get worse before it gets better. But in the end, we believe that those who stick to their investment plans and guns will be well rewarded. This is not a time to jump ship or change tactics chasing greener pastures.


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