Travel Tips from Agent X

“Agent X” is a client and long-time friend of the Camardas and friend of the firm, is ex-FBI, ex-black ops, and probably ex-lots of stuff we don’t know about. He is a very serious and scary dude. He knows his stuff! Listen to him! – Jeff

This process is designed to allow you to travel safer wherever in the world you go. Before you decide on a non-US destination or if you have planned it for a long time and have not checked the US state Department for any safety concerns, you are accepting unreasonable risk even if you have gone to this location many times in the past. Things change! Be prepared! Before departing for travel in the US, check the local municipal governments and the local news looking for any protests by any entity. If one is planned you should plan to not be in the place of the protest to remain safe. Where ever you go, when walking in public areas with a large number of people always walk toward the movement off the crowd, not following it. This way if an attack occurs you may see it before it gets to you. When walking in any urban area walk near wall and barriers and again against the traffic always being aware of where doorways, side streets, offsets, and other large barriers are to take cover against or behind. If you are caught in areas when an attack is under way your life depends on taking positive action to get out of the area. Generally, this is done by moving perpendicular to the attack or at the attacker. In general, an attacker on foot or in a vehicle is looking for the maximum carnage and is chasing those running away from the attack in a straight line as they become the easiest targets. Use common sense, and listen to your gut, so to speak, If that little voice says you
should not be where you are get out immediately. Better to be safe than sorry. On a recent trip to the Philippines I had this feeling and listened to that inner voice. I heard the next day that another visitor was attacked in the same area I was in at the same time. No this was not an unsavory place late at night…it was the “safest tourist area” at two in the afternoon in Makati City.

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